Friday, March 07, 2008

This House

Been eyeing this new subdivision in Consolacion, Cebu. I hope this time, if the budget permits and with a little help from hubby’s dad, we’ll be able to have what we call “our home”. We’ve been renting the last 5 years since we got married and it’s pretty exhausting moving from one house to another. Two years back, we started paying this house in Mactan but decided not to pursue for proximity and financial reasons. It was a hard decision especially that we’re almost halfway in completing the equity dues and the developer just refunded us almost half of what we initially paid for. Earlier today, hubby and I visited the site in Consolacion Valley. The houses look like candy bars from the top view of the valley with different colors and motif each house. The units are ready for occupancy but we just have to pay 30% of the total amount for us to move in. The first time I saw the house in the net, I fell in love with the design and the colors. Seeing and stepping inside the house/s feels like home.
I hope and pray this house is meant for us and that Consolacion Valley will be our little community where my children will grow and build friendships and run around the garden chasing our dog or cats. No more turning back. I mean, I’m ready to give up my whims just for this house. I am willing to eat nothing in the next five years or so just for this house...So help us God.

Our future home and neighborhood... (fingers crossed!)

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