Monday, March 10, 2008

My Little Indian Girl

Call me a stage mum but what the heck...I'm sure most mothers would agree with me that we can't help being one. Allow me to brag a little about my daughter's performance during their school's annual play last Saturday at STC auditorium. It was one of those short plays cooked up by their school entitled "The Sad King". She played one of the girls from India who performed a dance number to make the king happy. As the story goes, they failed to delight the king but the audience was surely wowed by their performance especially that of my daughter who danced with gusto to the beat of the Indian dance. She also looked pretty in her Indian costume...ahhemm, kudos to me for the hair and makeup. Despite the stir I encountered that afternoon which really scared the hell out of me, I have no choice but to be up and about for my daughter's sake. Hubby also had some other plans that afternoon but I'm glad he was able to make it just in time for our daughter's performance. Our little girl was truly amazing and boy did she received quite an attention or should I say "fans" especially from parents who wanted to take a picture of her with their sons. Oh no!

Below are some photos taken during the play...

Hera seems to have forgotten the steps...looking at Alex for cue

now that's better...together this time

Namaste! (from Hera, Alex and Jazz)

with the stage mum
with the dad who is equally proud

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feng said...

pretty naman ni Alex in that Indian costume! you must have been so proud of her during the performance. :)

buti naman at The Sad King yung napiling short play ng mentor nila sa school. I love that story as well, next to The Little Prince. :)