Friday, March 14, 2008

Tough Times

Thank God it's finally Friday. The week has been a total fiasco both at work and at home.

In the office, we have quite a number of screw ups left and right. I always find myself staring blankly into space and suddenly felt my heartbeat racing madly. I still can't get over the fact that I have hugely marred my performance with that oversight. But if there's one person who makes things a lot easier for us that would be our boss. She's been really nice and considerate despite our inequities. In the corporate world, she really gave meaning to what command responsibility is. She is our shield from whatever negative force that's sucking this company. Kung kinahanglan duphan, duphan gyud niya. And with that I thank her.

Home has been a struggle too. Well, not really my home but my other home. My first home. But I've handled it after some harsh words sent to heaven knows and I'm terribly sorry. I know nobody's to be blame and that if life throws you stone, you just have to embrace it. Who knows one of these stones might be a gem.

I digress.

Now, I'm looking forward to what the weekend has to offer. I hope it's all good. And of course, the family's much awaited vacation in CDO next week is a well-deserved break.

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