Friday, March 28, 2008

Move Up Day (Year 2)

Another school year is over for my little girl and next year she’ll be moving up to the next level which is PG – 5. Two more school years and she’ll be in big school already. I can’t wait to see her climb up the academic ladder but a part of me still wants her to be that tiny little tot who is still struggling to master the ABC. Today was her move up day. It was kinda’ late compared to most pre-schools which ended the school year before Holy Week. The move up was just a short ceremony compared to last year where they had a “playlet” if you call it. The PG-6 also had their graduation ceremony while the kids from the lower level received their respective awards. Alex received the “Young Commentator Award”. As described, the Young Commentator never runs out of things to say about people, events and situations. Voluntarily this child always expresses opinions openly.

I think the award given to Alex was well-deserved. Even at home, she has her take on things like the movie she’s watching or what the DJ is saying on the radio and so many “why’s” in the world which I find unusual or maybe it’s NOT unusual with the kind of kids nowadays. I find her growing up too fast. Aside from the physical growth, her mental skills have developed leaps and bounds. I am amazed with her ability to read short words with single vowel and she already knows how to tell the time – not through the digital clock but the regular clock with numbers. She can also do things on her own and can be trusted on some little household chores like sweeping the floor or organizing her toys and dvds or bringing you stuff from the fridge.

Okay, I could go on and on with her many achievements. In a nutshell, she has come a long way as a pre-schooler. Now going back to the move up earlier today, I had a hard time taking pictures as we were not allowed to go near the stage during the entire ceremony. I was a bit upset because Alex prefers to have her picture taken with her friends rather than me. Yeah, call me a jealous and overly-sensitive mom. I have to rush for work so I dropped them off (my sister, the yaya and Alex) to Ayala for a quick bite at McDonalds – a simple treat for the little girl.

Here are a few of the shots I took.

getting ready to receive the award
Young Commentator Awardeeshowing off their awards (Alex, Jazz and Kathleen)saying goodbye for now...Alex with a few of her school buddies
my sister anne with jazz and alex


feng said...

congratulations to dear Alex! I can already sense how proud you are of her achievement. ;) one proud mommy moment ito. heehee.

nakakatuwa naman ang award ni Alex. who knows, baka when she grows up mag ala Mel Tiangco sya or Korina Sanchez.

MHALOU said...

Or baka naman magiging Christy Fermin or Boy Abunda (female version) hahaha. I just hope not (no offense...)