Sunday, March 23, 2008

Part One: CDO Adventure 2008

Growing up in the province has exposed me to the laid back and slow-mo life. I always love the tranquility that the province has to offer with the beauty of Mother Nature right in your fingertips. This year's trip to Cagayan de Oro City was an escape from the hussle and bussle of Cebu city life. Though CDO is a city in itself, it is far from being highly urbanized and industrialized compared to Manila or Cebu. Don't get me wrong. I didn't mean it in a negative way though. The entire province still boasts of lush greenery, panoramic view of the mountains, and clean air.

We were told that our itinerary for this year would include a trip to the beach. I'm quite relieved because I have always love the beach may it be white sandy ones or the gray or rocky beaches. Black Saturday came, we pack up our things and drove more than 120 kilometers east of Cagayan de Oro City.

I'll be posting several pictures and will just put some captions. I'm too tired to compose a story that long about our adventures. Just let the pictures speak for themselves.

first off...the captain of the ship
passing through blind curves and always meet this sign
and this too
we don't wanna miss this

seriously, you think the criminals in this town will take their police seriously?
first pit stop...for lunch
while waiting for the food to be served, we practiced our "sniper" skills with their shooting range

we were also entertained by this cute little fellow

finally...Duka Bay Resort
this sure looks fun...getting ready to "snorkeeel"

i swear, it's a beautiful world down there.
this kid had a blast and this surfer is waiting for the big waves to come...they never came!
and when the sun sets along with the aching sunburn, we called it a day.

You can view more pictures here.


feng said...

am glad to know you've had a wonderful time in the beach as well. ;) nakakatuwa naman si Hubby mo and Alex, talagang game na game to have fun in the sun.

hahaha, we're in the same boat, too tired and lazy to tell all and write about the vacation. kaya pictures galore na lang. :)

MHALOU said...

yeah pictures na many stories to tell yet no words to best describe the experience.

we love the beach to the max feng. alex won't stop swimming so we have to drag her out (literally) out of the shore. :-)