Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ink-ed for Life

There has been a lot of misconceptions about people with tattoo and they are often conceived as drug addicts, drunkard or worst, ex-convicts. Maybe some are but definitely not everybody. Hubby has 3 tattoos - two on both legs and one at his back. I have nothing against it, it's his skin anyway. As long as I don't have to pitch in the pain and expense, I'm cool with it.

Ink For Life Tattoo Studio

This afternoon, hubby had his back tattoo pimped at Ink For Life. My daughter's second name in Old English font has been permanently etched in his back. He had the ink darken and added a ripped off design. The tattoo artist did a superb job and it was a good deal at PhP9,000 for the entire package with 4 sessions. Other tattoo studios in town would charge you almost PhP 20K for a tattoo that big. It was his second session already he's planning to add more designs in the remaining sessions. Another good thing about IFL is that they don't ask you to pay the package one time.

the tattoo artist getting busy

So, why get a tattoo? Is it for vanity or just showing off? Is it really worth the pain? Hubby says he appreciates the art that goes with it. After getting one, he just can't stop and wanted more that's why he already got three tats and perhaps a few more. I've been meaning to get one ala Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) in The Bucket List maybe a little tat on my middle finger - a cherry blossom or a star maybe that would look like a ring. Hubby said, he'll try to negotiate with the artist to have mine for free. I think I have high tolerance to pain. I was practicing by pricking my fingers with a needle just to see how it feels. I guess I can manage.

after three hours...this is still unfinished

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