Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Beware of this woman who claims to be a rich balikbayan and brags about having a car and staying in a posh hotel. Her modus operandi is that she'll borrow something from you - expensive items or cash. Of course, after making you believe that she's well-off, you will find yourself giving her what she's asking for. Then she disappears without a trace. She goes by the name Giselle but uses other names such as Charli.
Hubby's encounter with her started when they accidentally bumped into each other in Ayala last week. They were classmates in elementary. After a little "kumustahan" and exchange of numbers, they went on their separate ways. She was bragging about her riches and all and shared her intent of buying a house and lot in near the beach. So, hubby referred her to our broker who eventually made her checked a twenty-million peso fully furnished house in Mactan. Our broker was made to believe that she's really buying the house and take note - on spot cash ha! In the process of checking the house, she borrowed a lot of stuff from the owner and even from our broker. She borrowed a digicam, cellphone, two thousand five hundred pesos and another one thousand pesos. After getting all the items, she talked it out with them and made many excuses which they really believed. The day ends and she was gone and never answered any of our broker's phonecalls. Our broker suspected that hubby was involved since he was the one who referred Giselle to him. Hubby, oblivious of Giselle's personality and history, investigated further and discovered that Giselle was a notorious swindler. She was once imprisoned because she was involved in a swindling activity. Friday night, they were able to trace her whereabouts and was able to retrieve the items but not the cash. As expected, she was making a lot of excuses and alibis. The bad thing though was that they weren't able to contact the police during the entrapment. Thus, this woman is still out there just waiting for her next victim.

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