Friday, June 22, 2007

Where do I go from here...

It’s been a week and I never heard anything from Company A. I’m not being impatient or what but at least they could’ve informed me about the status of my application. Fail or pass, I would accept their verdict with open arms. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

This week I also learned about the results of my annual performance evaluation. I was teary-eyed while reading the comments of my boss (1st level superior) and our American director (2nd level superior). All my scores on the different areas of the evaluation were above 4 which mean “Excellent” or consistently meets expectations. It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing that after all these years; I am being recognized as somebody who has made a difference in this company. To quote our director in one of his comments he said “She seems like a rock of stability. Something we often take for granted in this company. It is often said that if we don’t talk about you, it’s because there’s nothing bad to talk about. Mhalou fits this category --- she is one of the unsung heroines at Xl”. I just can’t help but beam with happiness. I’m not certain yet if my evaluation would result to merit increase or promotion but I’m not really looking forward to anything.

It made me reflect even more about my intentions of leaving or sticking it out in this company. Fact remains that I love my boss and my team so much. Besides, I guess I’m tired starting all over again, building relationships with a new team, adjusting to their attitude etcetera, etcetera. The pay is good, way above standard in this industry --- no qualms about that aspect. My boss is one of the best I even nominated her as Executive of Year for Philippine Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals. But the company in general --- a bit unstable. Our attrition rate soared high this year and we lost a great number of good talents on the floor.

I wasn’t actively looking for a job. But knowing about quite a number of resignations made me feel terrified of what the future holds for this company. I also came to a point where I got bored doing the same thing --- my job has become dull so to speak.

So, where do I go from here? If I don’t hear from Company A, maybe I should stay aboard for a while and improve my skills even more so I could be competitive outside. I think the present situation at Xl is still tolerable. I’m speaking for the Admin department since I believe it’s one of the steadiest departments in the entire company. But of course, I won’t stop from looking at other options and opportunities. My escape plans before I leave are in my drawing board now. After all, nobody is really indispensable.

Now, here's a reminder for everyone...Have a great weekend ahead!

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