Wednesday, June 20, 2007

When You Wish Upon A Star

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As kids, we were made to believe that when you wish upon the brightest star, our wishes would surely come true. And as the song from Pinocchio puts it...

“When you wish upon a star. Makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you.”

Wishing for me is one of the best things in life that’s free. When I was a kid, I would wish for mostly material things – toys, clothes, candies. When I became much older, my wishes became more or less sensible and intangible. I would wish for love, happiness and contentment in life. Of course, I would still wish for material things on the side. Not so much though --- like a house, a car, travel around the world and winning the lottery. Wish ko lang! *grin* And wishing offers a slight glimpse of what our future holds. My husband and I take pleasure in having this “wishing moment” before bedtime. We would often beat each other for the “grandest wish” we could come up. We would often wish for out of the ordinary and out-of-this-world thing like owning a helicopter or living in the Caribbean or having a baby boy. Well, the last one isn’t bizarre though. It’s for real and we’ve been trying really hard. Off topic now…sorry!

Late this evening, while walking back to work from dinner, I chanced upon the brightest star in the sky. I couldn’t help but noticed its glow. Right now, I have this fervent wish of getting “that” job and joining “that” organization. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and whispered my wish in the air. My mama would always tell me that whenever I want something so deeply, I just have to look for the brightest star and say my wish out loud. Seeing the brightest star tonight, I need not shout out loud for I know in my heart that Someone up there listens even in my softest whispers and simply makes things possible for me.

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SimplySyL said...

huhuhu.. Ganahan na jud ka mobiya namo????