Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Gathering of GS Talents

There were a lot of reasons to celebrate that night and I’m glad the gathering was finally set after several postponements. Thanks to Herbelle – our official events coordinator for the text brigades and reminders. Big thanks to JPL for being our ever-generous host in her cozy Mahogany Grove residence.(pics to follow --- Glaze, please upload them asap)

One thing common about us is that we’re all “ex-GS talents” and has remained friends despite us employed at different companies. We always touch based with each other and hold little gatherings to celebrate victories and special occasions. There were 3 reasons to celebrate that night: 1. Kristine’s despedida (she’s off to Ausie to join her family) 2. Anabelle’s upcoming wedding (of course, we also scheduled a separate bridal shower sometime September) 3. My promotion (t’was JPL who made the announcement).

It was good traveling down memory lane and refresh old memories while we’re still with GS. We had a good laugh talking about our many bloopers and “pasaway” moments, sulk about bitter experiences and back-bite our previous employer over a bottle of red wine that got “Ano” drunk. It was also a time to catch up on each other’s lives and brag about our “after-GS” lives. Most of us love the life we now have veering away from the life we used to have with GS. Life at GS is not at all heaven but it wasn’t pure hell too. With due respect, GS brought us leaps and bounds in our respective careers and prep us for the bigger world.

Good food, fine wine, good company and a bit of nostalgia just made the night perfect. I look forward to more of these in the coming days.

Reminiscin' the good old days @ GS

The formidable "etch arr" team

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