Monday, January 15, 2007

Goals for the Year

We’re almost halfway of January and here’s my delayed list of goals for this year. I’ve tag them according to priority:

High Priority

1. Have a baby --- As if it’s as easy as buying in a sari-sari store. I still get the negative sign on my preggy tests so we’re not giving up till it gets positive eh! And I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl… but a boy would be great.

2. Learn to drive ---- this is way overdue. Deadline was supposed to be last year but I just can’t pull it through. Perhaps, if I can get a license and a new car (not really brand new – just a replacement) maybe then I’ll be all fired up to hold those damn wheels.

3. Internet connection at home --- hopefully, when we also have our telephone line connected.

4. Lose weight --- if I don’t get pregnant. Been to the gym, been taking some pills, been starving to death (not working because of migraine attacks), been working too hard (or not really) on this but tell me how can I resist these things called pizza, pasta, burgers, lechon, chocolates??? Tell me…

5. Save --- I opened a new bank account last year and my remaining balance has been depleting. I hope it could bounce back to where it should be or even beyond. So I have to cut on my ukay spree, credit card splurge, food trips and what else --- and yeah, think of a new business that will at least augment my scanty income.

Low Priority

6. Get a passport (what a shame)

7. Travel ( Singapore ’s cheap… or maybe Bangkok ) or maybe just visit my folks and sibs in Bislig this summer.

8. Cut my hair really, really short (my long, straight hair starts to look boring and manang)

9. Find a new employer --- It's not just about money...I need to enhance my brain and my skills. It seems that the longer I stay in this company, the dumber I become. I want challenge --- I mean something that would really test my capabilities.

10. Win the lotto (just to complete the list hehehe)

There yah go folks --- my goals for the year. I know I’ve been doing this every year. Some gets accomplished while some just re-appear on the list the following year. But nevertheless, there’s really no harm in trying. I’m planning to go over the list by mid-year and see where I’m at kinda’ reality check. So, good luck to me and cheers to a brand new year!!!

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