Friday, May 30, 2008

Period of Uncertainty

Since we’re moving to Mactan Island pretty soon, I am on a quest in finding a new school for Alex. I’ve been asking friends who live in the island for recommendations as I’m not really familiar with Mactan. I’ve been calling several schools and not one of them passes my standards. Well, not that my standards are that high. I want to enroll my daughter in a school where learning is fun. Until now, I remain undecided considering that we haven’t received a final word from our developer as to when we could move in. We’re looking at middle of June but it’s still tentative. Now that school opening is fast approaching, I am feeling the pressure especially that my daughter has been bugging me to buy some school stuff whenever we drop by the mall. Most schools have limited slots for their students, I’m afraid Alex might not get a slot. I also don’t want to enroll her to her previous school coz what if we’ll move anytime and the school is really far from our new abode. On the other hand, I have doubts enrolling her to one of the schools in Mactan because of the uncertainty of our move-in date.

I have been very comfortable with the system at Kids’her previous school. It’s a combination of Montessori and normal teaching method. One thing I like about the school is that they provide an avenue for children to learn and at the same time have fun. They also cook up various activities which also involves the parents and even the yayas. I always look forward to their annual tour, annual play, yaya seminar, family day and a lot more fun-filled activities. For the last two years that Alex enrolled at Kids’, she has remarkably improved in many ways. I was even shocked but mighty proud because Kid’s made her appear in one of their ads. I told my friend from Kids’ that it’s really sayang. I would have wanted her to stay and even graduate pre-school at Kids’ but changes are inevitable so we just have to make some little adjustments and a few sacrifices. Anyhow, let me share my daughter’s first print ad (well it’s actually her second since she already appeared here). 'Tis another stagemum moment eh!


feng said...

oh Mhalou, I hope you find a school that's equally as fun and as good as the old one for Alex. I agree, schooling should be learning through fun and play.

goodluck in the school hunt plus the transition your little family have to go through. hope everything will be smooth.

MHALOU said...

thanks this week, the quest might be over and hopefully, we could start buying school stuff for alex over the weekend.