Friday, June 06, 2008

Big Move Postponed

So the big move will have to happen in August. I would have wanted to move as soon as we get our permit to occupy (PTO) from the developer but hubby insists working on with the house interiors first before we finally move. He doesn’t want to transfer with carpenters around working on the tiles, cabinets or the kitchen. He already asked his architect friend to look at the house and the plan will be complete by this month. We’re actually very excited.

I felt relieved, more of jumping with joy especially that Alex will have to spend two more months in her old school. At least that will solve my dilemma for a while and Alex will have the chance to say goodbye to her close friends in school. Today, we dropped by her school to finally sign her up. To our surprise, we saw the huge banner (more like a little billboard) of their school with her face in it together with two of her friends – Hera and Jazz (partly hidden). I was so proud to see my little girl in the banner… I mean, who wouldn’t? Of all the kids enrolled in their school, only three of them were chosen to be in that ad.

Anyway, I can’t help but let Alex pose in front of the banner/billboard.

That's ME in the center.

The little girl was also proud to see her face in that billboard. But I hope the fame doesn't gets into her head...feeling sikat na gyud ang bata. Haha!

Anyway, we’re now excited to go shopping for her school stuff. Essentially, it’s just her school shoes and some new socks since they will start wearing their uniform on the first day of school. The kids will also be provided with a uniform school bag which is part of the initial fees we paid. I guess there’s no need to buy a new bag for her. But we’ll see…maybe the little girl might ask for a new one when we get to the mall.

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