Monday, May 26, 2008

Chronicles of the Weekend That Was


Saturday has always been my favorite day of the week. It's a day when I cook a "real meal" for my family. Real meal means no deep fried stuff. I went to the wet market as early as 6am to buy the freshest meat and cheap seasoning and spices. The wet market by the way is just a few steps from our apartment. I already planned to cook my own version of "humba" with hard-boiled egg and chunks of pineapple. Here's the result....

my humba pampabata

Aside from not having to report to work on a Saturday, it’s also officially declared as Alex’ Day. Alex gets to choose what she wants to do or where she wants to go. But not for this day though since I already arranged with our company doctor to have her flu shot...finally after several postponements. The rainy season has arrived earlier and I have to build some kind of shield for her from fever, colds and all those rain-related sickness.

So, off we went to Velez Hospital to meet Dr. Berdin. There was no trace of fear whatsoever in her face. She didn’t even cringe when the needle touched her skin. For the bravery, we treated her to a “walking animal” ride at SM. It was fun. I even got the chance to ride with her.

Matetch with Alex

After almost four hours of just strolling around SM, we daringly walk under the drizzle to ride a jeepney to Mabolo Parish Church. My sisters and I agreed to pay our last visit and respect to Madam Telay - our former high school English teacher who died of cardiac arrest. In one way or another, Madam Telay has touched our lives and she has been instrumental in what we have become now. She was the teacher with a loudest laughter and the biggest heart. Since Alex went with us, I was having a tough time answering her questions about death and dying. She was asking why my teacher died and why she looks that way. I just told her Madam Telay’s heart just stops beating then I let her feel her own heart. Then she asked again why the heart stops beating….the never-ending why’s! I just reasoned that it’s because she always eats pork, burger, fried chicken, French fries and all the fatty food. She became silent…seems like in deep thought because we just had a bucket of chicken at KFC for dinner. Haha!


I’ve had the longest sleep ever. Maybe one of the reasons why I slept that long since Alex wasn't home. She was invited by my sisters to an event in their dorm. The nuns in their dormitory are fond of Alex and everytime they have an event or occasion, Alex is always in the guestlist. Anyway, I woke up at 7am then went back to sleep at 8am. I slept for almost ten hours and woke up with a migraine. I took a quick bath and dressed up to attend the last mass at Sto. Rosario Church. We arrived mid-way and weren’t able to hear the Gospel… blame it on hubby’s dilly-dallying. We spent the rest of the evening watching the replay of American Idol on QTV since our dvd player is still in the ICU (read: service center) for repair.



That’s about it. It’s Tuesday and the big boss is in town. Hope everything will be pretty smooth while he’s here. No grumpy days please!

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