Monday, May 12, 2008


Meet Nelly.

She is the newest addition to the family. Alex claims that she’s her baby sister.

She sleeps in our bed squeezing her tiny body beside her Ate Alex.

She stays at the backseat of the car on the way to the mall.

She sits at the dinning table during breakfast.

She even tags along during our pre-Mother’s Day night out.

She also gets some cuddles from my sisters.

But no matter how Alex pushes me to love and accept her, I really can’t.

Because to me, Nelly is just a pink rag doll.

She does not interact. She does not move. She just stays in one corner until Alex picks her up to play. She doesn’t say “mommy” and does not respond when you call her name.

Looking at Alex, she seems to be drawn closer to Nelly. Is it really possible to love a lifeless being such as Nelly?

I guess, what’s wonderful about being a child is that you have the capability to love something or someone unconditionally. I’m pretty sure that when the time comes that Alex will become a real big sister; she will be a loving and caring one. I wish that time will come real soon.


feng said...

ang cute ni Nelly! very huggable and adorable. Coralines ba yan?

my 6 year old niece also have a doll like that. ang nakalagay na name dun sa tag nya, anne sherina, and since then, we called her that.

MHALOU said...

her name is also anne sherina...i think it's a brand name for a doll but alex insists on calling her "nelly" nelly it is. ;-)