Monday, May 19, 2008

Bonding with Old Friends

I was super excited when Cathy texted me last Monday informing that she’s back from Algeria and inviting me and Alvie for lunch. The last time we hang out was during the baptism of her second son, Michael. Since we graduated college, a lot has changed and we have gone separate ways and finding each other’s niche in the community. There were times when we have lost touch for some reason but God will always find ways of bringing us together. And thanks to Friendster for somehow allowing us to get updates from each other’s lives from time to time. Cathy, Alvie and I have decided to settle in Cebu. It’s just a small city yet we seldom see each other maybe because of some priorities such as careers and family. However, we make it a point to at least bond especially during special occasions.

So, when we finally met last Saturday, it was one of those rare moments and it really felt like the old times. It was fun catching up on each other’s lives and sharing notes about parenting, motherhood, wifey stuff (like sex…of course not every detail of it haha) and our children. I even joked that we used to talk about thesis and school stuff but now, it's a different level. Then we go down memory lane reminiscing our college adventures and misadventures. Then we talked about those who were absent --- Cecil and Beth who are now based in Singapore and Dubai respectively.

In many ways, I realized that we have grown leaps and bounds. We now have a more mature outlook in life and our responsibilities have become complex. But one thing that never really changed…it’s the friendship that we have nurtured all these years despite the distance, despite time, despite the many changes in our lives.

Some living proofs of the many less than the kids.

Gabriel (Cathy's eldest) and my Alex

tabaching-ching Michael (Cathy's second)

If there’s one thing in my life that I am always grateful about, that would be having met these girls and sharing a part of my life with them. I look forward to some bonding moments in the future and our upcoming reunion sometime November, December or January. Hopefully, by that time the five of us will all be present.


feng said...

what a very timely post! i just had a reunion with my bestest of friends from way way back.

great feeling to reunite with them once more right? I'm pretty sure you've had the best time chitchatting and sharing girly stories. ;)

MHALOU said...

agree pero medyo bitin nga yung mini-reunion namin coz the kids were already getting bored. one day is not enough for the chikahan. ;-)