Friday, May 09, 2008


I am one of those women who were forced into motherhood unprepared. I was only 23 years old and was climbing my way up the corporate ladder enjoying the single and nonchalant life. Then all of a sudden…boom…the plus sign. The sight of a “positive sign” made me really really scared. Never did I imagine becoming a mother that early. I wasn’t geared up for the responsibility that goes with motherhood. I was chasing my dreams. I’ve got plans to pursue, roads to travel, journeys to embark and motherhood is far from what I really wish for at that time.

Despite the fact that I was already engaged to my then boyfriend, the social stigma that comes with pre-marital pregnancy is inevitable. Some of my older officemates mock me and I couldn’t forget one manager who despised me because of my predicament. She questioned my moral values especially so that I belong to the HR team who ought to be role models to our employees. I don’t even have the nerve to tell my parents that I am pregnant for I know they will hate me too. It was only after my wedding that they learned I was 4 months pregnant. There’s nothing they could do but embrace me and my new family.

However, despite the mockery and shame, I made a decision of being a mother. I went through an uncertain path to motherhood and married life all at the same time with so much faith in God. The good thing about it is that while I was going through that phase, Earl never left me. I know that he too was hesitant in taking the same path as I was but he never hold back. Looking back, I felt that I really made the right choice. If I were to repeat that chapter in my life all over again, I wouldn’t want it any other way. No amount of money or achievement could ever replace the joys of being a mother. Waking up every morning to the soft kisses and tight hugs from your daughter is priceless. Hearing “i love you” out of the blue from your little one is something I wouldn’t trade for the world. And it’s such a blessing to be given this chance to bear and nurture a child of your own coz not all women have the opportunity being a mother.

I cannot say that motherhood will be a painless journey to take. There will always be the sleepless nights, trips to the hospital or doctor, drama and dilemma over boys, some disappointments, little and big sacrifices to make for the sake of your child. But there’s one thing I am sure about…it’s the countless moments of bliss and so much love shared with your child.

So to all mothers, mommies, mamas, nanays, mamsis, mamitas, inays and ermats in the world…

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


raqgold said...

dont you just love being a mom now? happy mother's day!

MHALOU said...

i love every bit of it racquel...belated happy mother's day to you too and thanks for dropping by ;-)

feng said...

I'm super duper late but still A Happy happy Mother's Day to you Mhalou!

let's all be proud to have the most noble professions in the world!

MHALOU said...

thanks feng...noble profession indeed. cheers to all mothers in the world ;-)