Friday, May 02, 2008

Bitching is actually not my game...

Or is it?

When taxi drivers overcharge me for a route I take everyday, I complain and insist on paying my usual charge. Is that bitching?

When an officemate constantly keeps the office shuttle and its passengers waiting and remarks that those waiting shouldn’t complain blah blah. Is it bitching when you call her attention?

While doing your work and this maintenance guy stands in-front of you, stares at you, looks at what you’re doing then says “puwede magpa-load mam?” You look at him with eyebrows raised…now, that’s bitching!

There are times when I can’t contain my bluntness and my looks reflect so much about my emotions. If looks could kill, I could have killed that maintenance guy a long time ago. There are people who really get into my nerves and could be very irritating. They are always the receiving end of my wrath. At home, I’m as meek as a lamb but in the office, I could be brutally frank and aloof. It all depends on the people I deal with. If they're nice, I could be a darling. But people who thinks and acts as if the world evolves around them are not my favorite people. In fact, I despise them and as much as possible, I stay away from them. I’m not one who lambastes at an individual without any reason at all. I could be a bitch for the appropriate reasons and persons.
That's basically...ME!


feng said...

looks not bitchy too me. and if it is, that's just mild bitching. :)

hay naku, mas worst pa nga ako esp. when things around me are going like crazy.

MHALOU said...

semi-bitch lang cguro feng or as cosmopolitan calls it BITCH which stands for Babe In Total Control of Herself :-)