Friday, August 19, 2005

Now and then

Just recently, I got reunited with my college friends via email. It’s such a wonderful feeling hearing from them and knowing what their lives have been after college. Though we get to communicate from time to time through text or phone calls but the email thing was almost impossible what with Beth who is a self-proclaimed internet un-savvy.

After graduation, we went on our separate ways, trying to find a place in the community. Fresh from the cradles of STC, we were eager to spread our wings.

I landed a job at GS and stayed there for almost 5 years. Then I moved out and transferred to my present employer. I got married and had a kid. My life is not as exciting as that of my other classmates but I’m happy.

For a while, Beth and I became officemates in GS. She moved to another division before she decided to leave the job. She went to Manila and carved her future there. Beth’s life was dramatic. She lost her mom to cancer 3 years ago. She got herself pregnant to an “attached” man. Her many failures didn’t stopped her from chasing her dreams. I want her to come back to Cebu so I could watch over her every decisions.

Alvie is the only person in the barkada who went back to her roots. After college, she went home and took care of her ailing mom. She finished her Masters degree and earned some units in education. Right now, I am proud to say that Alvie started the Mass Communication curriculum in her high school alma mater. I also learned from her that she finally got a boyfriend ---- it’s her first.

Among us, Cecil has always been “the financially blessed” --- rich girl so to speak. Where is Cecil now? She’s in Dubai multiplying her riches. Talk about one lucky girl --- she also brags about her cute boyfriend. Hope to hear wedding bells soon…

Cathy --- she’s the baby in the group because she’s younger in age and in maturity. Like Alvie, Cathy also heeded the call of teaching. For a while, she worked in an accounting/ auditing firm as executive assistant. She gave up the position and proceeded to take on some units in education. She is now a full-pledged teacher in Indonesia. This girl’s getting married in January next year.

It has been more than five years and I just find it so amazing to know what life has been for the five of us – Beth, Alvie, Cecil, Cathy and me. Looking back when we first stepped in the corridors of STC, fears were building inside us but it vanished just seeing the warm smiles of these ladies we now call friends. College life was tough --- COM classes with Madam Abanto, history and philosophy classes, defending our thesis. But I bet, it was fun too --- photojournalism with Sir Ben, theater with Ms. Baad, Kilig Moments with Sir Leo, sportswriting with Sir Nimrod, lunches at the canteen, group study at the Greenhouse and library and some “leakages” from time to time, practicum at various media outfits. I just couldn’t imagine what college life would be having shared it with other set of friends. Sure, we had friends from other circles but the kind of friendship that we have was beyond the so-called friendship --- we were like sisters. We are each other’s source of strength. If it were not for each other, we wouldn’t have survived college life.
Thank you girls for being a part of my life! I know it would be difficult to bring back what we have before having lived separate lives now but it would be worthwhile to just bring back memories from time to time.

Please, let’s keep in touch!

Fresh from high pa!

so young and no more!

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