Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hola Espańa

After visiting some pillars of the Philippine Association of Secretaries & Admin Professionals, we treated ourselves to a hearty lunch at Hola Espańa. It was actually my first time to visit the place and I was clueless of what to order. My taste for Spanish or Mexican food is limited to arroz caldo, lengua, estofado, paella, chimichangas or pizza. I just settled for spaghetti carbonara since I was having lbm at that very moment. But the carbonara was a bad idea as I have to run to the restroom just as we were about to leave. I just made some excuses that I was changing sanitary naps since I was in the toilet for so long relieving myself. Well, part of it is true but that's another sordid story that I won't share any further.
The resto is a quaint little place with very Spanish and Mexican interior. The waiters look like bull fighters sans the hat and cape while the waitresses look like flamenco dancers. And they were really very polite. Though I only tried the carbonara and gambas, I bet everything on their menu tastes really good. If you want a taste of Spain and Mexico, check out the place...it's located in Banilad Road going to Ma. Luisa...just a stone's throw away from Gustavian.

Upon stepping out of the place, it's good to hear their crew saying gracias altogether. We cant' help answering back de nada.

Despite the lbm, I've managed to take a few photos of the place.

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