Tuesday, April 08, 2008

PMN FAMPICS: Ain't that heavy?

We may not know it but a woman's purse or bag could pass for a gym weight.

Take this bag for example.

* Wallet with coins and assorted cards = 2 lbs

* Digicam with accessories= 5 lbs

* Cellphone and charger = 3 lbs

* Kikay kit = 6 lbs

* Organizer = 3 lbs

* Perfume, shades, fan, cardholder = 2 lbs

* Various documents (bills etc.) = 1 lbs

* Not to mention our kid's extra shirt, towels, toiletries, milk, feeding bottles, coloring books, crayons, gameboy, little toys, candies, crackers, baby powder and cologne when going to church or the mall = 18 lbs

That's a total of 40 lbs or 18 kilos you got there on your shoulder. If you come to think of it, carrying this heavy bag is like going to the gym. You just have to switch from one arm to the other to create balance. Ain't that heavy?

This is my entry to this month's PMN FamPics theme: HEAVY.

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feng said...

whoa, I didn't realized I was carrying that heavy bag all along. kaya pala ang parang feeling ko, may nag form ng musles sa arms ko, dahil pala sa bigat ng dala dala nating mga Nanay dahil sa stuff natin and the kid's stuff as well. :)

MHALOU said...

and i fail to mention that on top of the bag we carry, we're also carrying our little ones. talk about super-nanay ;-)

julie said...

Yeah right, sometimes I feel like I'm carrying stones in my bag :D

My heavy entry:

MHALOU said...

agree teacher julie but you know these things are necessities and we can't seem to function well without them eh. ;-)