Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To Stay or Go

A common friend of hubby and me who now works as a SPED teacher in New Orleans asked me if I have plans taking up SPED course and eventually go abroad. It’s something that I personally want to do. But whenever that topic pops up, it would always lead into an argument with the hubs. He was flabbergasted of the idea and was accusing me of not having concern for this family and prioritizing money over him and my daughter. He was also narrating stories of broken homes and infidelity of spouses either those working abroad or those being left behind. I rest my case. His reasons were valid. He just couldn’t leave their family business considering that he’s next in line to manage it. I don’t want to push the issue. So, I told our friend Aloi that we’re staying and if chance permits, we’ll just pay him a visit sometime soon. Of course, that would be next to impossible.

We leave our country for so many reasons. Why do I want to leave this country in the first place? I’m not ashamed to say that it’s all because of money… money to build my dream house, to buy my dream car, to travel the world, to be able to provide the basic needs and wants of my family. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t worship money nor does my world evolve on money. But sometimes, when you’ve experienced how it is to be deprived financially, you’ll definitely understand where I’m coming at. Yes, I may be earning more than enough to achieve all of those but as to when, I really don’t know. I have lots of dreams for my family --- not just my immediate family but my parents and siblings as well. I want to provide them with a life where they don’t have to worry about where to get tuition fee payments for my sibs, where to get money for food, where to get money to pay the bills etc. And I'm pretty fed up with the way our leaders run this country. The poor become poorer and the rich richer. We pay our taxes yet there's not much improvement in our system and infrastructure. I'm just tired period.

But with such indifference from my husband, I guess I’m bound to stay. Working abroad could be a temporary solution to our financial distress but I don’t want to sacrifice my relationship with my husband and daughter over money. Good thing that I decided to open up to him prior to really taking the course.

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g0vinda said...

im a go go for the idea of going abroad but families should stick together. my husband and i made sure that's the way we'll do it. but for you, you shouldn't close doors for big opportunities and at the same time get your family along the gameplan. :)