Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Lighthouse and Me

I've only seen lighthouses in pictures and in movies but never get the chance to really see them up close. I thought, lighthouses were built just for sightseeing and those who wanted to have a wide view of the sea and ocean. But yesterday, I learned how important a lighthouse is to seafarers and fishermen.

My attempt to take a good photograph of the Parola

I had a great time joining my daughter in their school's annual tour which was in the historical BagacayPoint Tower also known as Parola Watch Tower in Catarman, Liloan Cebu.

"This Lighthouse stands at a towering height of 72 feet in an uphill area
overlooking the splendid Mactan Channel. It sits on an elevated 5,000-sq m government property, 22 km from the main road. The Tower has an active focal plane of 146 feet. The Present tower built in 1908 is white, octagonal and concrete made. The landmark was built in 1904 by virtue of an executive order issued on July 28, 1903 by William Howard Taft, who came to the country in 1900 as president of the Philippine Commission and later appointed US governor general. This light point was originally established in 1857. The Light point flashes white light source at every 5 seconds. For the past 101 years, this white octagonal tower has provided guiding light to mariners, navigators and fishermen from coastal towns in Northern Cebu."

Late in the morning, it rained so hard I thought it'll never stop. Good thing the sun came up just as we were about to embark on the journey. The sunny afternoon weather made it really perfect for the nature tour. I never regretted taking the time off though it was also a somewhat birthday leave for me. The view was spectacular I can't help taking pictures of the tower and the view surrounding it. I also climbed and braved the 93 steps going up the tower with my daughter but felt cramps on my leg while descending the staircase.

Alex while going down the stairs

View from the top

Looking at the light house standing so proudly, I felt serenity deep within. Amidst all the noise of children around me, I felt peace just by staring at it and while listening to the sound of the wind. There's a kind of connection between me and the lighthouse. Like the lighthouse, I have a role of giving light to my loved ones and those who might need it.

Alex and Jaz with the lighthouse at the background

More pictures here.


raqgold said...

great trip :D i would love to live in a lighthouse, that's a dream.

MHALOU said...

yeah, it feels like Rapunzel up there ;-)