Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Birthday Girl @ 29

She is at the stage of her life where she has a full grasp of her destiny. Yes, destiny is indeed at hand. She's married to the most amazing person who puts up with her worst moods, nasty habits and that despite her imperfections embraces her for who she is and for who she's not. She's blessed with the smartest and the most adorable daughter a mother could ever have. She has a family who supports her every decisions and directions in life. She is surrounded with friends who continue to be her wonderwalls and reaches out to her anytime, all the time. She has a career who provides her with opportunities for learning and growth and supports her family's needs.

See? She has the best of everything. With that, let me propose a toast to the birthday girl, the phenomenal woman, the lady behind this blog, alessaundrei's mom, earl's mhalove, achi to sistahs and bro, tata to ma and pa, ate lou to cuzins, miss mha to some, lutz to quite a few, momgoddess...MHALOU!

(Photo credits to Greza)

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