Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Trying Yoga For the First Time

While cleaning our stack of dvds and cds this morning, I found this Yoga dvd which was given to me by a friend two years ago. I never get the chance to really view it as it got lost somewhere in the piles of dvds and cds. I've been wanting to try yoga because I've heard that it relaxes the body and mind. It's like you're in the zone for relaxation and you get a renewed energy after. It is also said that health and well-being are the benefits of yoga.

Anyway I plugged in the dvd and started following Patricia Walden on the video. At first, the poses are quite easy to do but then midway, they became challenging and complicated. I had to stop after 30 minutes because I felt my arms and legs started to ache. But for a beginner like me it wasn't that bad despite my seventy kilo weight. Haha!

I hope I could do this everyday and really sustain it until I could do the poses with ease. For the past years, I've been really trying all sorts of stuff just to lose weight. But my dilemma has always been, I'm good at the start but never get to finish or continue what I've started. The culprit has been my insatiable appetite for food and eating. I know it's just a matter of discipline which I admit, I truly lack.

So, way to go yogi wannabe!

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