Monday, January 07, 2008

High Five

Woke up at 6am with the morning drizzle. I still want to curl up in bed but I have to force my sleepy body to be up and about as I still have to cook spaghetti and pick-up some cupcakes. Yep, when you speak of spaghetti, it sure is somebody's birthday.

Who else but my precious daughter - Alex is turning a year older today!

She's now five years old.

She's been really excited about her birthday and has been talking about it since, well, last year. She had great plans for her birthday like a Dora Party with mascots and all but due to financial constraints I have to pull through a simple yet memorable snacktime (read: little party) with her classmates in school.

Pictures taken here.

We brought packed snacks for her classmates to share in school. I also ordered Jade's special cupcakes with her name printed (in icing) on it.

We have no major plans today though I took a day off to be with her the entire day. Of course, we wouldn't miss going to church later in the afternoon.

So, Happy High Five Birthday Langga!

"You've grown to be such a sweet and smart girl (though trying to outsmart us sometimes). But mommy and daddy loves you so much and you continue to bring in happiness into our lives. I pray that you'll grow up to be responsible, God-fearing and kind-hearted person. Chase your dreams and we'll support you all the way --- even if it would mean being a rockstar someday."

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