Saturday, June 16, 2007

And so I went to the job interview...

Armed with my almost seven years of professional experience in the field of customer service, human resources and administrative functions.

Equipped with qualities required for the position I'm applying.

A handful of work values and personal attributes needed in today's lean , high-technology workplace.

A blush of pink on my cheeks. A touch of fuschia on my lips.

I know I was ready. I spent two hours navigating through their website and learning about the company.

I have some hand-outs on tips for job interviews inside my bag. I read through them on my way to the venue.

When the interviewer called my name, I was ready to go. The first interviewer asked about my technical skills... pretty simple questions about the things I do with my previous and current employers. I think I did well because she immediately endorsed me to a second interview with one of their top executives. The second interview went through smoothly. I was just having casual conversation with the interviewer who came all the way from their Manila office to conduct some closing interviews.

When it was over, I rushed to Sarrosa to catch up on our shuttle.

I told my boss about it and she understood. Though no job has been offered yet, I'm positive and hopeful that I'll be considered.

So help me God.

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