Thursday, April 28, 2005

Pet Peeves

It’s been a while. There’s not much stories to tell…Been experiencing some melancholia, paranoia and little hysteria over trivial matters to some people but may mean a lot to me.

I’m caught up with my emotions. My heart seems to burst in anger. I don’t know why…maybe it’s because of fear of being alone or left out or being replaced by some sexy college flame who has the making of a talk show host - Oprah. I’ve been really affected by several events lately of indifferent husband who seem to care less and talks about cheating boyfriends. As they say, some good things never last long or maybe they’ll be gone for a little while and reappear after several ages. Whatever happen to…?

1. I love you’s
2. Sweet text messages
3. Flowers on Valentines Day
4. Surprise date at Tops
5. Ride to and from the office
6. Movie for two
7. Bear Hug
8. A little squeeze on the hand
9. A kiss
10. Dinner for two

Little things that mean so much in a relationship… or was it me who turned sour? Or I am damn unpretty to be given much attention to? Or there’s some other girls out there – drop dead gorgeous, fresh smelling, enchanting and vibrant girl in friendster or in the hospital? Perhaps I’m just insecure and I don’t feel good about myself. Oh, I hate this feeling! I don’t even have the guts to tell him straight what I’m feeling right now. I don’t know how he would react… haaayyy!!! He seemed out of reach lately…busy acquiring money…in exchange for supposed-to-be time spent with wife and daughter. How could he just brush us off his schedule? We never really fight --- the last time we fought was October of last year because of the same issue I am complaining right now. It reached the point where I packed up my things, brought Alex with me and left him for days.

The jokes they poke about “being married” and “married life” are indeed funny but TRUE.

I’m ashame… I shouldn’t be revealing this kind of stuff to the whole world, but you see I feel a lot better after writing all these stuff.

Chill out Mhalou!!!

DISCLAIMER: I sound like a totally pathetic fool in this post...and I probably am.I wrote this since Monday but was contemplating of posting it or not. But hell yes, I did...Naahhh! I would appreciate "no comments" this time. A piece of advice will do. You think I need pyschiatric treatment? I'll be okey... ;D


Anonymous said...

Hi Malou!

Is this another one of your self-help-therapheutic write ups? Hehehe.

But you know what? Thank you for reminding me that I have a girlfriend who loves to receive flowers. ;-)


Anonymous said...

okay no comment :) hehe -- joey

A-l-e-s-s-a-u-n-d-r-e-i said...

Yes Rex, therapeutic indeed...and i'm perfectly okay now. ;)

Ug thanks to Joey for not commenting hehehe

U guys be good husbands ha...don't change! maayo ra ba gyud mu pag-uyab pa...minyo na gani, ambot na lang *sigh*