Friday, April 15, 2005

The Wedding Dress

I’ve been subscribed to online Chicken soup for the soul. Its stories continue to inspire me and made me ponder on life sometimes. Today’s soup was a story of a lady named Nora E. Kessel. It’s entitled “Priceless”. It’s remembering the day she went shopping for a wedding gown with her mom and how they found that gown really meant for her. According to the author, the moment burrowed its way into her heart and her memory. She also relate in her story when years later she had a yard sale and there’s this mother looking for a prom dress for her daughter. She offered her wedding dress instead which was never part of the yard sale. She was so touched by the lovely lady (the daughter of the woman) now trying her own wedding gown.

I can very well relate to this story…not in the sense that I went shopping for my wedding gown with “mama”. It’s the other way around though coz she was never there during my wedding preparations. Earl and I were on our own preparing for a wedding we never had before (well of course!) - From planning the entourage to designing our wedding invitations to buying faux silver wedding rings. There were little help though from some friends and relatives but mostly on Earl’s side. My family was never supportive of my getting married early at an age of 23 and Earl at 24.Thus, we were left on our own…and that will remain forever since we made that vow before God and man.

wedding pics with friends and principal sponsors...

But I couldn’t blame my parents for caring less about my getting married. I truly understand them, though it would’ve been wonderful if they were involved. No regrets…it was still a wedding made in heaven.

My mama’s visiting me tomorrow with my younger sister whose taking the freshman entrance exam in USC. I’m looking forward to going shopping with her (not for another wedding dress huh!). When she visits Cebu, SM is always the store for her new purchases of house wares and kitchen utensils. My mama loves to cook and she cooks well that’s why there’s a bunch of kitchen stuff at home and it’s adding up. I’m planning to bring her to Carbon this Sunday for some ukay2 shopping spree. I’m pretty sure she’ll enjoy it the way I do. Like mother like daughter noh! Cheapskate…hehehe


amee said...

heyyy! this made me miss cebu. =)

Anonymous said...

oi karon lang ko kita sa imo wedding pics.. waw minyo na! -- joey

Anonymous said...

Haay, kanus-a pa kaha mi ni Amee and Joey maminyo. hehehe.


A-l-e-s-s-a-u-n-d-r-e-i said...

take ur tym's good to be single! You have all the options in the world ;D