Saturday, April 16, 2005

Letting go and moving on...

What would you do when the person you want to spend your lifetime with wouldn’t want to spend it with you?

What would you do when the person who promised you the moon and the stars broke his promises?

What would you do when the person you love continue to love you but still afford to also love somebody else?

What would you do when the person you love the most is the same person who has brought you pain and suffering?

The answer to these questions my friend is MOVE ON without that person.

In a relationship, one of the hardest things to do is saying goodbye. It is hard as breaking a crystal because you don’t know if you can pick all the pieces again. Moving on after a relationship is easier said than done. It takes a leap of faith and a lot of strength to let go of a person who may have occupied a very special spot in your heart for quite sometime.

But then, what’s the point of holding on?

Holding on will only cause us more pain. Haven’t we left something of ourselves? More often, we prefer to hurt ourselves and cling on to a lost love hoping to ignite the fire back. But sometimes, love is not always what we expect it to be. Love has its own ways we can never understand – it’s mysterious. We just have to accept that love has long been gone beyond our control.

For a while, we will grieve for a lost love and cry ourselves to sleep. But we have to cry to let go of the pains in our hearts. It’s just temporary and I know there’s somebody out there who would give us more love and respect.

As Melanie Lim explicitly say, “If he can’t see you as a better woman, then maybe, there’s a better man out there for you”.

This post is dedicated to a dear friend. You know who you are…huh, pikat na lang nila mam!!!

My graveyard shift is almost over. I’m gonna miss some of the nocturnal office creatures for a week. God, I’m so tired and stressed with all the news on some of our Philadelphia colleagues recently fired from their jobs. I think I need a day in the spa this weekend to lift up my spirits. Need some sponsors please! Calling Earl Vincent… ;-)

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