Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Whatever Things

Last week was busy as hell...I'm glad it was over!


I had a huge task this day. I will be hosting the Philippine Association of Secretaries & Administrative Professionals' Executive and Secretaries' Night together with another newbie member - Annie CaƱete.

Well, it turned out okay and I think we did a good job as hosts. Annie is an expert in hosting being a toastmaster member. I also had quite a stint in emceeing programs for company events.

'Twas a great experience to be exposed to the outside world especially with the executives of top companies in Cebu present during the affair.


Just bonding with friends on a Saturday night. It's the Annual Jamaican Nights but I guess, we're old enough to join that event so we just chill out at BeachRoots and Stilleto in Mango Square. Check out the place --- advertise pa, hehehe.

The Three Muskeeters --- Louie, Earl and Elvin

Elvin, Chai (owner of Stilleto), Moi, Joni and Louie

Elvin, Louie, Paul and Earl --- mature na daw!

Me and Joni --- Elvin pops out of nowhere!


Mama and my little sister paid us a visit. It was mama's birthday last Friday but due to my hectic sked, I was able to treat them on Sunday.

my 3 little-big sisters

mama's favorite - jolibee

three generations

Who say's I'm not a busy person? Ciao for now...

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