Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hospital Retreat

Finally, we ended our long retreat at Chong Hua Hospital today. My daughter was admitted there due to high fever coupled with cough and colds for almost six days. She was suspected to have typhoid fever. At first, the doctor thought it was dengue but the tests came out negative. The fever had taken its toll on her coz she’s no longer the “bibo” girl she used to be during the first 3 days that we were in the hospital. It was a torture for me and Earl physically and emotionally. Good thing, we have our insurance so we need not pay for the hospital bill, medicines and all. It wasn’t at all painful in our pocket. Our greatest challenge was for her to take her medicines coz she always ends up throwing up the medicines. It’s also too painful for me to see her struggle and cry while the nurses inserted those scary needles to her veins every so often.

However we had a bit of fun during the last 6 days. First and foremost, it was like a bonding moment for the three of us – me, my husband and Alex. Second, I had to take days off because I need to be a mother to my daughter. Then we had 24 hours cable television and air-condition room all to ourselves aside of course from the annoying nurses, interns and midwives who frequently drop by our room checking on my daughter’s temperature and other tests.

So, now we’re back to reality and Alex is slowly recuperating at home. I just hope and pray she’ll recover fast and be the healthy little girl I so want her to be.

here are some of our pics @ chong hua hospital...

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