Monday, December 05, 2005

over the weekend...

@ Cosmopolitan

We were shaken by the death of Rhea's boyfriend of almost six years. Rhea is a good friend of mine in College and George also became a friend of the entire batch. They met during Rhea's radio internship where George works as a reporter. He was shot last Thursday night at his food stall in Talisay right in front of Rhea. They're suppose to tie the knot next year and it was too painful for Rhea. Police is still investigating for the motive of the killing. Right now, the lone gunman is still at large. Family and friends are seeking justice for the killing of another mediaman ---a son, a boyfriend, a brother, a friend.

Some of our batchmates visited the wake last Friday to comfort Rhea and to take one last glimpse of our friend. It was like a reunion of some sort but in a very painful set-up.

@ Vistamar

I attended the Philippine Association of Secretaries' Christmas Party/Induction of New Set of Officers and New Members. I am one of those to be inducted as a new member of the association.

I have also well prepared for this event having to participate in the dance showdown together with my committee - Education committee. It has been a very tough week for all of us having to practice our dance number and having to shell out a big amount of money to pay for our choreographer and all our costumes and make-up.

But our efforts were not put to waste because WE WON!

sayaw kikay lalalalala

the winning move hahaha

with the ladies @ the executive support

guwapa kaau ko...the miracle of make-up

Saturday night party @ Beach Roots

I need not elaborate what it is...the pics will show...


Rex said...

Hi Malou!
Daghana gwapa sa chix...gai ko'g isa beh?! :-)

A-l-e-s-s-a-u-n-d-r-e-i said...

thot you already got one??? ayaw na lang rex --- i don't know these chix so well, hehehe...just look at them, look closer... ;-)