Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist

It’s December!!! Rain started pouring out all over the metropolis. Bright, colorful lights flicker around the household and establishments.People are starting to crowd the malls and major department stores. These are the signs that Christmas is just around the corner. It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year as the song goes.

People started decorating their homes with Christmas ornaments. Christmas carols are being played in most radio stations and pipe-in speakers in malls and stores. Everyone started wrapping their gifts for friends and loved ones.

As a kid, I have always loved Christmas. My parents used to let us write a letter to Santa asking what we want to receive from him during Christmas. It was always fun having to list down all the stuff we want mostly toys and candies and new clothes. We roll our letters and placed it in the Christmas stocking (Papa’s old socks) at our door. Then on Christmas day, Papa would always sneak in to our rooms while we are still asleep pretending to be Santa Claus and placed the gifts beside our bed. Papa would always say that the gifts came from Santa. But it wasn’t for long that we believed him thus the tradition died a natural death as we grow older. How I miss those times I wish I was a kid again.

Though I don’t literally write down my Christmas wishlist like I used to, I always have in my heart the things I want to receive. But I guess, it would be fun to bring back the tradition once again of writing a letter to Santa…here it goes…

Dear Santa,

I hope it won’t be too much to ask for the following this Christmas:

1. Please let me win the lotto so I could pay all my utang.
2. MP3 Player to make it through the graveyard shift
3. Trip to Hong Kong with my husband and daughter --- if you let me win the lotto
4. A new pair of Levi’s jeans
5. Free driving lessons from husband
6. A sponsored ukay-ukay shopping spree or shopping spree
7. A Baby Boy --- hopefully next year!

I’m not really asking you to give me all of the above --- number 1 and 7 would do. **wink**



I hope the real Santa would be generous this time, hehehe. I'm pretty sure Papa could not afford the stuff I'm asking.

Seriously, it doesn't really matter much to me if I receive gifts this season or not. I'm contented with what God has blessed me all these years. What's really important is having a good health, a stable career, a wonderful family and peace of mind.


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