Thursday, December 29, 2005

Adieu 2005!

2005 may not be a great year for me but it has been nice and easy so to speak… it was a tough year but I got all the help I can have from up above and from friends and family.

I thank the year for…

* the lessons taught and learned --- the hard and easy way
* the people who crossed my life this year --- who became a friend or a foe
* the experiences good or bad that I can look back with a smile or frown when I grow old
* the opportunities that I embraced and let go
* the prayers answered and unanswered
* the healthy and solid family
* the new blogging experience
* the many things that brought joy as well as bitterness to the year that was.


Now, I welcome 2006 with all its uncertainties. I pray that this year may bring me good things in all the aspects of my life ---pwede sad bad things pero ayaw sad ng bad kaayo ha nga dili na nako ma-handle.

Seriously, I’m quite positive that 2006 will be a good year for me --- let’s just cross our fingers.

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