Friday, January 27, 2006

what now beach roots?

Three months in the business and still doing okay. Customers keep on coming back especially during Friday and Saturday nights to experience what we call Beach Roots Party. Ours have become the envy of some of the stalls at Mango Square because of good food and coolest crowd in town. I guess we have also accumulated enough funds in our bank account to sustain the day to day operations.

Three months in the business but what has become to the friendship of 10 individuals who committed to let this business bloom so to speak? It’s quite obvious that there has been a faction among the 10. Very distinct and one can easily identify who belongs to which group. I’ve been a witness to the many word brawls and backbiting sessions of these owners mostly gentlemen and a lady. It’s such a shame how grown ups acted like kids and not facing the problem upfront. They claim to be professionals in their respective careers but don’t seem to act one in their very own business.

I just can’t help but chuckle about some of them coming to the bar drunk just to show their butts off then sneak out two hours later without being noticed. Oh yeah, and they thought that with their mere presence they already contributed that much.

It is not so much about being there hanging out with your friends. It is not so much about dancing with the girls. It is not so much about bringing in a lot of guests. It is not so much about ordering a lot of food and beverage. What matters most is how passionate you are for this business, how you put your heart into it and how you manage to give your time for the business. With just one look at a person, I can tell if he’s just in for the money, for fun or for the love of the business.

I admit, there came a point when I no longer have the motivation to be there and give my support. Sometimes, it has become a difficult responsibility. Who am I to complain? It’s just that I am disheartened by the fact that those who give less of their time are those who complain a lot. It’s bullshit --- aren’t they insane asking of a bigger or equal share when two or three of their partners are in Beach Roots both opening and closing hours sacrificing their careers, their health, their time for their family and their respective businesses while they sleep in their house or party somewhere else??? Their constant argument is that “it’s their choice anyway”. Yes it’s a choice they make because they want the best out of this business not just for themselves but for their so-called friends. They are passionate about the business not just because they have families to feed but because they learn to love and nurture the business. They don’t want the business to just die a normal death just like some of the businesses.

I know I’ve been blabbering like I always do in this blog but I just want to voice out what’s in my heart and mind right now about this business and the friendship we have with our partners. We could always choose between friendship and business. For me, I’d rather give up the business and maintain the friendship than keeping the business and remain enemies with my partners. Now, I challenge my partners to speak up once and for all. If you have some complaints about the leadership of Louie, the sharing scheme and how this business is being run, PLEASE LET IT ALL OUT GUYS! LET'S BE MATURE INDIVIDUALS...


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