Thursday, February 14, 2008


We broke up days before Valentines Day and so we never really get the chance to celebrate our first valentines as sweethearts. I still remember that day so vividly. With a heavy heart, I forced myself to get up and go to work. I was telling myself "what the heck, today is just like any other day so move on and get over it...this day will end before you even know it". Nevertheless, I went on with my daily routine. The ride from home to the office seems endless. I was looking at people around me, they look excited and there's a certain glow on their faces. And I feel like the depressed one with bloodshot eyes fresh from a crying marathon. When I reached the office, I immediately devoured the tasks at hand and kept myself busy. It was 8:30 am when our receptionist called my attention saying out loud that a bouquet of flowers has been delivered for me. I noticed heads and necks snooping out of the cubes as it was the first delivery of the day. It was unexpected. I wanted to cry but my officemates were looking at me with eyebrows raised. I knew what's on their mind. They knew our story ---break up and make-up cycle. It was like every month that we broke up and I was always the subject of the office gossips. But I was the hard-headed girl and I just brushed off their side comments.
That night, I wrote these on my journal...
February 14, 2002

"I know this day would be a torture just seeing lovers holding hands, girls receiving bouquet of flowers or balloons, couples on dinner dates. I just wish I'll never have to go to work so I wouldn't witness all these. But I guess I have no choice. I have to face this day like any other ordinary days. I went to work not expecting too much. I just want to close my eyes so I don't see anything. Surprisingly, I received flowers from my ex-boyfriend Earl. He's making it really harder for me. Why is he doing this to me? What is he trying to imply? Well, somehow I survived this day...all alone! Aarrgghhh!"

To date, I still keep the bouquet of flowers he gave me all dried up and still with the note attached to it. (yeah, yeah I am a hopeless romantic like that). I also learned that the flower shop where he bought the flowers closed shop months later. But something new came through after that unforgettable valentines coz we got married six months after. Fast forward to 2008, we now have this critter named Alessaundrei - our daughter.

I hope you all have a romantic and unforgettable Valentines Day today. But don't spend too much and be safe out there. **wink**

Note: Pardon the mushiness but above story is my entry to Noemi Dado's LoveStruck Writing Contest. If you wish to join the contest or just want to read the rest of the lovestruck stories, click here.


feng said...

hi Mhalou!

first off, Happy Hearts Day!
and why do you have to excuse your self for the mushy post? I love it to pieces. aba eh, kung ako lang ang judge sa contest ni Noemi, winner na itong love story nyo.

ahhh, the gossips in the workplace, we all had our share of that. I guess, whether you're openly sharing them to your associates or not, may intriga pa din at tsismis na kakalat. to think that they are out of the loop of what you feel at the moment.

am glad the broke up on VDay ended in an ever-after. :)

MHALOU said...

hay naku feng, the only witness to our love story is my old diary. and becoz my blog is an extention of my diary, i'm joining noemi's pakulo. You're right, gossip started to spread so i just keep my little joys and sorrows of my lovelife all to myself. And yes, it did end in ever-after. happy valentines day to you too!

Rolly said...

Cool story. =)