Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How do you protect your child from bullies and nasty kids in school or even at home?

I can feel her pain seeing all the bruises as big as a five peso coin all over her knees and arms. She told me “Kuya Clarky pushed me twice, I fell on the ground”. The cousin is five years older and is supposed to be wiser or so I thought. Several times I hear stories from her that she’s being hit by her classmates in school. My husband was furious but what can he do? Hit the minor offender as well?

My heart was broken into a thousand pieces. No parent would want her kid hurt in any way. I always tell her to play fair and be polite. I never teach her to fight back. “If somebody hits you, stay away from them”. I always remind her. But lately, my husband after hearing all her woes would say, “If somebody hits you, hit them back or call for help”. I guess the latter sounds sensible enough but the first suggestion of hitting back is not right. It would only cause so much trouble. He’s a bit paranoid and keeps on telling me to arrange a meeting with the parents or teachers ASAP. Is it okay to talk to the parents? I have this feeling that parents of these kids could be defensive or overly protective. At least they will do their share in teaching their kids to be nice. They may not be aware of their kids' behavior in school or outside their homes. I’ve talked to her teachers before but I don’t think they’ve done anything. They told me that they’d usually give the offending kid a “time out” or be separated from the rest of the kids.

But what do you expect from a four-year old girl? With all her frailties, I don’t think she’s capable of hurting somebody. I’m afraid she will remain a constant victim of these bullies. I don’t want her to be teased, pushed around or hurt by her classmates or even her cousins. I don’t want her to do the other way around either.

This may sound weird but is it okay to let her take self-defense class such as karate and the like? Just a thought....


Noemi said...

Bullying needs to be reported to the teacher or guidance counsellor. They will arrange a meeting for you. Bullying is not right. kawawa namn siya.

Lynn said...

I'm a mom too and there are times my daughter goes home telling me this and that said nasty things about her. I get hurt hearing that, how much more if the child gets hit physically. I believe there should be a dialog among the adults - you, the teacher, the principal and the parents of the "bully". This way the "problem child" will hopefully be properly guided by the parents and by the teacher. And your daughter will enjoy school more if she's with friendlier classmates. :)

MHALOU said...

hi fellow mommies!

Thanks for the suggestions. I already arranged a meeting with the school especially so that i've witnessed it myself during their family day last week. There's this boy who keeps on grabbing my daughter's hand and claims to be her boyfriend...i was so furious i wanted to squeeze that boy but just contain my anger.