Friday, August 10, 2007

Back Online

I'm back after several days of being "off the line". Our PC is now on the road to recovery after a week of being in the ICU. The initial diagnosis was “memory dump”. Then I was advised by Nanding to buy a new mother board and upgrade our PC memory. What the ___? It’s like buying a new PC. Fortunately, our night shift IT dissected our PC further. Literally, he was doing a major operation on the PC and was able to finally fix it. I'm no techie person so I really cannot understand what the damage is but it’s one of those rare and isolated cases as what our IT guys told me. Big thanks to Nanding and Edshel...I owe you guys your quarter-pounder meals.

So, I’m back. There are a lot of things that I miss to do online.

• Like updating this blog
• Like posting at pinoymomsnetwork
• Like posting our pmn photohunt this month
• Like checking my friendster
• Like updating my multiply
• Like checking my emails at yahoo

Lesson learned after what happened to our PC: Just take care of what we have coz it’s the only one we got.

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