Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Laag-laag with Mama and Sissies

It has always been a blessing every time my mama pays us a visit every summer. She would usually visit us during this time of the year to check how life is for her girls in this big city. Our youngest sister is about to go to college this June and mama makes it a point that she’s all right and her needs are well taken cared of. She did the same for the 3 older girls most especially with me being the eldest. And I’m grateful because I’ve survived college partly because of mama. She makes it a point that we have everything we need from school supplies, grocery and allowance. She would bring fruits and baked goodies to my tita’s house (where I stayed) from our town in Bislig. She did that and is still doing it without any qualms or complaints and with so much love.

She’s been in Cebu for almost one week now and she’s staying with me. Life’s really different whenever she’s around. We always have good food in the table – she loves to cook you know. Our hamper has been emptied since she arrived. She also had some bonding sessions with my daughter Alex.

Last Saturday, we brought her to the mall to do some shopping for my papa and little brother who were left back home. I kept asking her if she was tired or what. She’s already 58 years old and has been complaining about body aches and all. But whenever I ask her if she’s tired, she would say “wala man”. I guess she’s in high spirits having all of us 4 girls and 1 little girl (my daughter) hanging around with her. We had lunch at Jollibee – her favorite fastfood in the world. Then, my sister Magee (2nd sib) treated us for dinner and videoke. We had a blast despite our not-so-good singing talent. Mama had difficulty catching up on the words in the video and just leaves us to do the singing. My daughter also had her share of repertoire staring off with Little Mermaid’s “Part of that World”.

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