Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stuck and contented

While half of our company’s populace were off to some resort or went up north for some R & R over the long weekend (US Memorial Day), I was stuck at home. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a home buddy ever since but I’ve plans of going somewhere with my sisters at this time but it didn’t materialized. First, we got no budget. Two of my sisters are still students and of course big sister has to pay for everything. I’ve reserved most of my savings on Alex’ enrollment and school stuff. Well, that’s the only reason really --- no budget yet!

So, I’m stuck for three days but I have no regrets… why?

I get to finally read cosmo’s 10th year anniversary issue from cover to cover. It’s the thickest issue ever with 350+++ pages.

I get to finish our laundry that’s been sitting for almost a week now.

I get to catch up on some flicks I failed to watch the past years. Thanks to Miss O for allowing me to use her dvd player. (we only have a vcd player at home)

I get to bond with my girl.

Sometime soon, I’m planning to visit this beautiful and clandestine beach down south. I just want to relax and bask under Cebu’s sunshine before summer leaves without a warning.

Gosh, it's almost over na man diay...we'll see!

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