Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Administrative Professionals' Week 2007

Last week was the Administrative Professionals’ Week of the Philippine Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals – Cebu Chapter. I’ve never been so involved in my almost 3 years of being a member of the association. I always consider myself as a passive member and I’m not very participative in the activities of the past administration. But this year, having been selected to head the chairman of Finance Committee, I have no choice but to carry out the role. My responsibilities include increasing the funds of the association in whatever ways we can and at the same time spearhead the solicitation for our major events this year which includes the recently concluded Administrative Professionals’ Week and the Regional Conference this July.

Our Administrative Professionals’ Week has been a huge success despite some petty problems we encountered along the way.

April 15 – Mass & Bowling Tournament

We started off the celebration with a mass sponsorship at SM. Then, we don our bowling shoes and get ready for the bowling tourney after. Sad to say, my committee came out the last in team standing. We’re no professionals when it comes to that sport compared to some members in other committees. Most of my throw always end up in the canal (whatever you call it) but I was ecstatic when I had my first and only strike. The sport has a different kind of thrill that goes with it and I was having so much fun. After the game, we head off to Golden Cowrie to partake a sumptuous lunch. We had crispy pata, sautéed squid, dinuguan, grilled pork belly, fish soup, unlimited rice and desert. It was more than my stomach can handle --- I was so full.

April 18 – Administrative Professionals’ Night

We had a LUAU PARTY at one of our member’s house. They have this beautiful house in Silverhills and it was the best venue for our party. We set up the stage and buffet in front of their swimming pool. Despite the few attendees, we enjoyed so much the videoke contest and games. Everybody looked exotic in our Hawaiian and Luau outfit

April 20 – Executives’ Night

This is the highlight of the week’s events. We paid tribute to our executives and bosses in this special night at Marco Polo Hotel Cebu. It was also a night where we awarded the Executive of the Year. Unfortunately, my executive didn’t win. I nominated her but then I failed in defending why she should be awarded as such. Anyway, that’s water under the bridge now and the search is still on for next year. Going back to the Executives’ Night, the event was well-attended especially by the executives. Everyone enjoyed the raffles and the games. We also looked stunning in our formal wear. I wore black sequined cocktail dress and silver stiletto sandals.

Wew! At least that week is over and we still have an upcoming battle which is the Regional Conference in July. Thanks to my colleagues and my boss for allowing me to be involved in this association despite the tons of workload in the office. Thanks to the company for paying my dues. I'm quite guilty of leaving behind tasks in the office which should have been done by me. I'll make it up to them and double my efforts this time.

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