Friday, April 13, 2007

No Cellphone Days

Since I left my phone in CDO, I’ve been having no-cellphone days. Though I love the feeling of not having anyone pestering me with text messages and calls, I still miss my phone. I’m just wondering what important messages are in my inbox or if I have missed any important calls. I’m also quite dependent on my phone for reminders. And since I have no cellphone, I failed to greet my papa on his birthday.Sorry pa but you're always in my prayers.

My SIL sent thru LBC it last Tuesday and is supposed to arrive yesterday but hubby failed to get it at his grandpa's office (consignment addy). Together with the package are my pasalubong for the girls. Shame on me for not buying it beforehand while we’re still in CDO. We were running out of time last Monday and the pastel shop at the port ran out of stocks. But it’s better late than nothing, right? I hope so before it gets stale...

My daughter also missed playing her favorite game on my cellphone. So I hope to get reunited with my phone today.

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