Saturday, April 14, 2007

Seven Songs from the Heart

I've been tagged by Feng - the equally pretty mom at pinoymomsnetwork. So sorry for this very late response. Been on vacation during the holy week and have to catch up with tons of work upon my return. Anyway, here are seven of my favorite songs. There's actually more but these songs tops my list.

1. Love Moves in Mysterious Ways by Julia Fordham - There has been a lot of revivals for this song from local artists but Julia's version just gives me goosebumps. I guess this is the ultimate love song of my generation.

2. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls - I'm a sucker for alternative rock and this song is one of my fave in that genre. My favorite line in the lyrics is " Yeah, you'd bleed just to know you're alive".

3. Everytime I Close My Eyes by Babyface - I love listening to the version with Kenny G on sax. I remember my ex-boyfriend turned husband sang this song to me while we're 2,000 above sea level one chilly night at Tops, Nivel Hills...we were one week steady at that time and that's where we had our first kiss. awww, how romantic!

4. Take and Receive - My favorite religious song. This song is my prayer, my surrender to Him who owns my life and everything on it. I used to sing this song to my daughter when she's still a baby to send her off to slumber. Now that she's 4 years old, we're singing this song together.

5. Because You Loved Me by Celine Dione - I am amazed at how the lyrics was well-written that it hit the very chambers of my heart with such powerful and passionate words. I consider this song my friendship song which would often remind me of my HR team in GS (previous employer)...we used to sing this song together during videoke sessions and we always end up misty-eyed.

6. I Could Not Ask for More by Edwin McCain - My song at the moment. My married life is not at all perfect and it's not always a bed of roses. There may be moments when I wanted to give up and just pack up my things, this song would always make me reflect that this is the life I wanted, this is where I belong and I couldn't ask for more.

7. This Life by Sevendust - When I was pregnant with Alex, my husband would play this song on cd. "This Life" is a song of a father to his child who is still in his wife's womb. Sevendust is actually a rock band (my husband's idol) and this is the only slow song in their album.

That completes my seven favorite songs. I've been listening and singing along to these tunes and these sure touched my life in a very unique way.

Oooppps, I almost forgot...I'm tagging syl, jade, joey, arnold. Guys, give it a shot...Please!


feng said...

hi mhalou. thanks for tagging along and thanks for sharing your list. i love them all but the most that hit me was your song number 7. i clicked the link you provided and saw the lyrics, its so true. thanks for sharing. :)

SASSY MOM said...

hi, mhalou!

you have a very good line up...

Celine Dion is one of fave singers!
"This Life" by Sevendust... youe hubby is so sweet to do that.

earl said...

hi mhalove,

hey a lot of mom's like the song from Sevendust. I'm not having sides here but most of sevendust's songs is actually about life journey..about friends, family, teenage life and all under the sun..that's why i love Sevendust so much, second to you of course.

Sevendust Rules!!