Monday, March 12, 2007

Uptown Girl No More

Having an office at the heart of the city and more so inside the mall is indeed wonderful. You get easy access to the malls, restaurants, banks and other establishments. You are also reachable to people who want to meet up with you anytime. For more than 2 years, I have learned to love working within Mango area. It’s just a ride from home and my husband could just pick me up anytime. Fact is our office is a bit despicable what with poor air-condition system and facilities plus the chaos outside due to the existence of resto-bars. The company has decided to transfer office because the place has turned into an entertainment strip, which is not conducive to the type of business we’re in. Added to it are the events last year, which posed a threat to the closure of the mall and all the establishments inside it.

And just last week, we’ve finally packed our stuff and moved to our new office. It was quite tedious and stressful especially to the Support Group including my team. The ladies have to literally pack and lift heavy equipment, push boxes and get all the dirty stuff together. We were amazed with the great amount of litter we’ve collected. After sorting through all our files, supplies and equipment, we started to pack up and put together everything by batch. Just last Monday, all of our employees except for the Admin team, Cristine (our Management Systems Assistant Manager) and the guards already reported to the new office.

The new office is well --- NICE. Nice is an understatement, it’s actually BEAUTIFUL. But I’ll reserve the details for another post about that.

Here’s a glimpse of our 2-year Mango Square memories…

with all the trash

more thrash

Halloween 2006

Christmas Party 2005

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