Monday, March 19, 2007

Moving Up

School is almost over for Alex. At least just for this year and she'll have almost 3 months of break. I don't want her to take summer class coz she's getting skinny and all and I just want her to rest. I could also rest for a while sending and picking her up to/from school 3 times a week. Not that I'm complaining...Anyway, I just had a one-on-one conference with her teachers about her development in school. It's usually done every two months and I just had the last one for this year. In the last parent-teacher's conference I've had, her teachers would always say positive comments about her. There's just one thing negative they could say about Alex and that she doesn't know how to assert herself. If she doesn't like to be touched and then somebody would touch her, she wouldn't say no and simply cry. I was a bit worried because she might be bullied in school if she continues to be inhibited. Today, I've learned that she has improved a lot on this aspect and she already knows how to say NO. I'm also proud to share her year-end assessment for SY 2006-2007 (proud momma huh).

NAME: Alessaundrei R. V.
AGE: 4 years and 2 months
DATE: March 2007
CLASS:Peer Group 3

The following are descriptive summaries of Alex's performance in the different developmental areas:

A. Motor Skills

Alex shows good and age-appropriate motor skills. She imitates movements during exercise with accuracy and control. She enjoys walking, running, dancing and playing with the kitchen set during free play. She keeps herself busy by doing fine motor activities such as stacking blocks, scribbling and lacing. She uses tripod prehension whenever she uses a brush, a crayon or a pencil.

B. Socio-emotional Skills

Alex is a sweet, caring and friendly child. She likes to make friends but prefers to play with peers who enjoy less active activities. She enjoys sharing her experiences with her teachers and relating stories about the things that she finds interesting. She also finds it fun joining group activities like singing, dancing and playing together with her peers and teachers.

C. Self-help Skills

Alex displays independence in doing self-help tasks of doffing and donning her shoes, hand washing and drying, taking out and returning things in the proper places, and table setting and cleaning. She can already follow routine and rules without assistance from her teachers.

D. Language

Alex was shy at first but as days passed she has slowly gained confidence and has started to interact with her friends. By now, she likes to relate stories about her experiences at home or from a place she had been to. Alex can produce the sound of most letters of the alphabet and can associte letters with Frieze drawings. She is an attentive learner. She always wants to do something new. She loves to scribble, draw, color and trace letters. She presents and discusses her outputs in class with confidence.

E. Basic Social Studies, Science and Math Concepts

Alex can name and identify numbers 0-10, colors and shapes. She can rote count from 1-20 with minimal assistance. She can sort and classify objects according to size, physical features and colors. She has also acquired the basic thematic concepts studied such as My Family, My Community, My Environment, Transportation, Countries and Universe.


Ms. Margaux Myrna Jade CaseƱas/Ms. Cynthia V. Cernal

As her mom, I'm super proud of her performance in school. Though I may not be that hands-on when in comes to teaching her, I still felt a sense of fulfillment for taking part in her development. I just hope she continues to love school and learning. She will have her move-up day this Saturday and there'll be presentations from the kids. It's another milestone for her as she move a step higher from where she is now. Kudos to my little girl!


KK said...

Congratulations for Alex achievement!

PS. You might want to edit out your daughter's full name. I don't recommend using the children's full names. Call me paranoid but we have to protect our children's privacy.

A-l-e-s-s-a-u-n-d-r-e-i said...

I just changed it. Thanks for the tip. I'm not really sensitive about those stuff but I agree with you. There are a lot of freaks lurking in the web...Thanks again :-)