Thursday, March 29, 2007

Move Up Pics

Last Saturday was my daughter's move-up day at CAP. It's also the graduation of the older kids. They had this playlet entitled "The Owl and The Pussycat". The kids get to show again their various talents. I was again amazed with my daughter's performance. She's so comfortable with the stage that she just performed like no one's watching. Some of her classmates just stand their doing nothing especially when they saw the crowd watching them. I'm proud of her (again!)

The kids also received various awards. Alex was awarded The Most Responsible Award. I don't know why she was awarded as such...maybe, she really is responsible compared to her classmates.

After the play and graduation rites, I treat Alex and my 2 sisters to Casa Verde. We feasted on the famous Brian's Baby Back Ribs and a pitcher of iced tea. The Camwhoring continues for my sis...

Check out more pics here....

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