Monday, January 15, 2007

2007 First Post

Just got back to the circulation --- my schedule got messed up over the holidays and up until now due to vacations and all but it’s all good. The company just announced a four-day off for January since we hit our target last year. My day-off is scheduled at the end of this month --- I’m so looking forward to it. But I’m not looking forward to my birthday...getting old, yay!

Anyway, it’s my first post of the year. There’s really not much to share except for these bits and pieces…

* Alex blew her fourth candle last January 7. No party…just Dora cake, another cake from granny, half-kilo spaghetti, 15 pieces lumpia shanghai, Ate Anne, Ate Mags and mom. Earl was off to CDO for their conference which usually falls during her birthday. She was looking for her guests, balloons and clown --- sad to say there were none. I ain’t got budget so I told her that her next "party" will be on her 7th birthday (hopefully).

* I got a brand-new yaya (again)… My ever-dependable yaya of 3 months left and never came back.. What’s worst is that she left a debt from one of the parents in my daughter's school. I was so pissed off --- I contacted her but she never answered my calls nor my texts. Si Lord na lang bahala niya oy. But definitely I won't pay her debt!!!

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