Thursday, December 21, 2006

Not Missing This Moment

I was brought back to my college alma-mater particularly at STC auditorium for this little but BIG event in my daughter’s life. Their school has come up with a Christmas play entitled “The Coming”. It was simply the story of the birth of Jesus portrayed by little children at KIDS’ including my daughter. They had their dress rehearsal last Monday and I came to witness my daughter performed on stage --- the same stage where I used to perform as a mass comm student. I almost cried when I saw my little girl on stage doing her part dressed in a camel costume painstakingly hand-made by me. My sisters would often tease my becoming a stage mother --- I guess, I’m a stage mother in the making. We skip the rehearsal last Tuesday because Alex was down with fever and cough. I was afraid she couldn’t make it to her play last night. But she was filled with energy despite the discomforts of cough and slight fever the day of her play.

Like any other parents watching their children perform on stage, I was so proud of my daughter I wanted to shout “Hey, that’s my girl!” It was beyond my expectation. I’ve seen her perform during the rehearsal but I never anticipated her performance and confidence level that hight what with the lights on and the huge crowd in front of them. I bet her dad is equally proud and amazed at his daughter’s talent. It took me some “luod2 moments” to push him to witness this event. He too didn’t expect something like that from his girl.

I promise from this day onwards that I’m NOT gonna miss moments like this in my daughter’s life…I promise to be her # 1 fan for life!

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