Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Colors of the Festival

Sinulog has been considered as one of the grandest festivals in the country or maybe the entire world. I am just so lucky to be living in Cebu to experience and witness myself the fun, the color, the dance, the beat, the vision that unite the Cebuanos. It has been a week-long party and booze around Cebu … what better way to enjoy Sinulog!

January 19 Friday

My friend invited me over to her booth at MS where she was selling barbeque and beer. But after working more than 12 hours straight, I was so tired to party. Before I left the office, I chance upon a SMART hot-air balloon at the rooftop of our office so I called Sylvette to take pictures of ourselves.

(bend your neck to the left to see beauty...camwhoring in front of smART hot-air balloon)

January 20 Saturday

I’m not really a devotee whatsoever but me and my colleagues brave the long procession of the Sr. Sto. NiƱo around town. After almost 8 years of absence, I’m back to make this little sacrifice for the blessed child. I was in college back then when I had a really awful experience while attending the procession. I don’t even want to elaborate it further. It was tiring but it was worth it.

January 21 Sunday

I made a promise to my daughter to let her watch the Sinulog parade not just on tv but on the streets. It was one of her “firsts” and I could see in her eyes the astonishment after seeing all the colorful costumes, floats and huge puppets. She even dance her own interpretation of the Sinulog dance every time the band plays the beat. We had a full view of the parade from where we were staying. Thanks to Grill Avenue for the accommodation. (sorry for the blurry pics...)

When the parade ended, my daughter’s crankiness started. It was when we decided to go home and call it a day. I know my husband still wants to party with his buds but of course, he couldn’t just leave us with the rowdy crowd in the streets. So the plan was for him to bring us home and then he can go back to wherever his friends are partying. He wanted to tag me along but I’m too tired to party. But we ended in his granny’s birthday celebration instead and I’m just happy about it. We stayed there until midnight eating, talking and singing with the rest of his relatives. When we reached home, we simply doze off to sleep.

Pit Senyor!!!

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